Romance and the Stove

I love the way you break down the process and your analogies!

Eating for our Future

The ultimate struggle for many of us is just learning how to love…ourselves, our lives, and the people we keep closest to us. The ability to love can solve numerous problems, from the obvious struggle to have a happy partnership and family life to the less-expected struggle to be physically healthy. In fact, having a healthy relationship with food  comes with the same challenges of having a healthy… well, relationship! 

Don’t believe me? Check it out:

You have needs. You can’t deny them.

Right? You can’t expect to live life without food just as it’s unlikely that you can get through life without romance. We have to eat, and we have to figure out how to get along with people. Food and companionship are both vital, and ignoring their importance for too long leads to disaster. Opting out of either relationship just means you’re putting off the hard work it…

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